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Thule Society - chapter 29
                                       CHAPTER 29
                   The forests of the Altmark, Germany - July 26, 2010
About 20 minutes into a trip through a deep, dense forest, which pretty much was nothing but darkness and massive fir trees from floor to sky, I felt thankful that Frank was with me. I would never have been able to figure out the way on my own. There were no road signs, no characteristics and no guideposts. Nothing but endless rows of fir trees. There was not even a road at last, but Frank continued driving for about five more minutes before he stopped the car.
"This bus doesn't go any further", he said with a broad smile. "Now, follow the path for about half a mile. Then you get to a glade with tall grass." We stepped out the car, and Frank took a basket out of the trunk. "When you get there, sit down on the fallen tre
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Thule Society - chapter 28
                                       CHAPTER 28
                          Arendsee, Germany - July 25-26, 2010
With tight grips on each other, we ran back to the hotel, which now seemed just as empty as the woods were dark. It felt like everybody else had sunken into the ground, leaving us all alone. Windows full of darkness everywhere. Only the hall was lit by two small ceiling lamps. We were barely able to find the staircase, but we had to grope our way through the corridor and into our room, where we breathlessly collapsed on the couch.
"Wow", Helen exclaimed. "I thought we he had had enough of running away from creeps when we had run away from Oden in the tunnels last summer."
I took a deep breath and gulped. "So did I."
"We better get away from here tomorrow", she said with a sigh. "Who the heck were those three othe
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Thule Society - chapter 27 :iconerictheredandwhite:EricTheRedAndWhite 0 0
Mature content
Thule Society - chapter 26 :iconerictheredandwhite:EricTheRedAndWhite 0 0
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Thule Society - chapter 25 :iconerictheredandwhite:EricTheRedAndWhite 0 0
Thule Society - chapter 24
                                       CHAPTER 24
                            Arendsee, Germany - July 25, 2010
Once outside, we looked around the courtyard a little, then took a walk in the garden behind the rear gate. At the end of the path that led away from the hotel was a narrower, opened gate in the rear wall of the garden. This was the gate leading to the lake, according to the hotel staff. We decided saving the lake for later, and starting with a walk through the town instead.
This seemed relatively quickly done, and when we had rounded the town square, we walked back down the main street again. Each side of the street had an almost straight row of two-storey houses, of which some had mansard roofs, while others merely had sloping tile roofs without any windows. Most of the houses were timber-framed, with white
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Thule Society - chapter 23
                                       CHAPTER 23
                            Arendsee, Germany - July 25, 2010
There were nobody else in the restaurant when we went downstairs to have some breakfast the following morning. However, it did seem like some people had been there before us, and there were plenty of set tables to choose from. The restaurant was divided into two rooms, of which one had a long table full of breakfast items that looked way more inviting than the usual breakfast buffet of a Danish hotel.
The floor's light beech parquet was arranged in a herringbone pattern. The walls were pastel green, with a coat of beige stucco. In the middle of the white ceiling was a big, light square, through which beams of sunlight shone into the room. Old paintings and photographs in dark wooden frames, plus bouquets of d
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Thule Society - chapter 22 :iconerictheredandwhite:EricTheRedAndWhite 0 0
Thule Society - chapter 21
                                       CHAPTER 21
                            Arendsee, Germany - July 24, 2010
The sky began turning cloudy when Helen and I crossed the Danish-German border. We steadily drove under a padded, white sky all the way down through Schleswig-Holstein.
Already on the way home from Vejrupgård, I had called Helen and told her to pack clothes, manuscripts, notes and her laptop, then to stand outside and wait for me. My mother indicated she'd do fine without us for a while, but we nonetheless got her persuaded to take a one-week vacation in Flensburg, where we dropped her off on the way.
Shortly before Hamburg, we had to drive off and go to a suburban supermarket, as it turned out the GPSs in our phones wouldn't be much of a help. It took more than that to find a town like Arendsee, especia
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Thule Society - chapter 20
                                       CHAPTER 20
                               Vejrupgård - July 24, 2010
Morten's Passat was already there when I rolled onto the gravelly courtyard with my rented Fiat 500. But I couldn't see Morten anywhere. I folded the manuscripts, got out of the car with them and slammed the door behind me. The Passat's windows were half-tinted, so I couldn't see much of the inside, but the car was empty as far as I could tell.
A sudden sound of his voice made me turn around. He stood in the large doorway of the main building.
"Hey, Mathias!" he yelled. "Could you please start by showing me where you found those postcards?"
"I'm coming!" I yelled back, gretting him with a wave.
"The postcards are upstairs", I said when I had reached him, and noticed him glancing at the folded paper
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Thule Society - chapter 19
                                       CHAPTER 19
                                 Odense - July 24, 2010
The funeral was set for 10:30 AM and took place in Assistens Cemetery's chapel, where people would usually hold a ceremony in case they weren't religious or if they had another faith than the Evangelical Lutheran Church. Helen and I went there with my mother.
The baking sun shone from an almost cloudless sky. The smell of the cemetery's numerous dewy graves and and lawns covered the entire area like a warm mist. The chapel was a church-like red-brick building, beautifully contrasting the blue sky by the end of a straight avenue surrounded by tiny beds, square trees and rows of medium tall trees. The shadows cast by the low murning sun preserved the most dewy parts of the avenue, while the parts bathe
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Thule Society - chapter 18
                                       CHAPTER 18
                                 Odense - July 23, 2010
My mother was not in the living room, and I quickly left the big, empty dark room to go make sure the front door was locked. After that, I tiptoed to the door of my mother's bedroom and listened.
"Mathias?" her voice said from the other side of the door. "Is that you?"
"Yeah, it's me", I answered. "I was just wandering around a little. I had forgotten how late it was."
"Nevermind about that", she said. "Don't you come in here for a moment? I need to talk about something."
I pushed down the door handle and entered the room. The book she had been reading had sunken on the duvet, and so had her hands. Her red hair was flowing, waving all the way down to her nightgown. Her freckles seemed dark in the dul
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Thule Society - chapter 17
                                       CHAPTER 17
                                 Odense - July 23, 2010
My phone started buzzing all of a sudden somewhere deep down my trouser pocket. Helen looked up from the English translation of the script as I frantically reached for my phone down the narrow pocket in my jeans.
"Hello", I panted once I finally got to answer.
"Hi, it's Morten... Truelsen", the voice in the other end said. "Am I disturbing?"
"No..." I hesitated for a moment, then pulled myself together. "No, we were just sitting down and reading a little."
"Good then", he said. "Well, I also just called to tell you that Andreas Heidsiek has taken his own life."
"What??" I exclaimed. "No way??"
"I'm afraid so, yes", he answered. "He was found dead just two hours ago. We have already been able to confi
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Thule Society - chapter 16 :iconerictheredandwhite:EricTheRedAndWhite 0 7
Mature content
Thule Society - chapter 15 :iconerictheredandwhite:EricTheRedAndWhite 0 4
Thule Society - chapter 14
                                       CHAPTER 14
                               Vejrupgård - July 23, 2010
We left through the basement, same way as we came in, so that we wouldn't have to leave the front door unlocked. Probably wouldn't matter anyway.
I couldn't help squinting at the dark corridor leading to the locked room. But making one more attempt to get it open seemed stupid and senseless.
As we stood by the car, Helen pointed to the dilapidated building to our left side. "What about there? Looks like some kind of residence too. The other one merely looks like an old barn."
I turned around and studied the yellow building with my eyes. "Didn't we agree it was the servants who might have lived there?" I hesitated. "No, wait. Now when I think about it, it actually looks too elegant for that. Let's c
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Today is 100 years ago Denmark sold the three Caribbean islands Saint Thomas, Saint Croix and Saint John, collectively known as the Danish West Indies, to America.

This anniversary has brought the debate about an apology for the slavery back in the days back to life.

Do the West Indians have a right to an apology from the Danes?

I personally believe not.

I don't condone what happened back then, but I had nothing to do with it, so I don't really see why I should stand up and apologize for something I didn't do, to someone who never went through it.

Or to quote Niels Helveg Petersen, former Danish Minister of Foreign Affairs:
"It makes no sense that a generation who never owned slaves should apologize to a generation who never were slaves."

Today's West Indians are free people, and that's the most important thing in my book. Freedom should not be taken for granted. 


EricTheRedAndWhite's Profile Picture
Erik Jørgensen
Artist | Hobbyist
Hello, my name is Erik Jørgensen. I have been a member of the forum community of Scandinavia and the World since October 2011 under the username EricTheRedAndWhite, which I chose to also use here.

And no, I don't actually look like what you see in the picture above. I'm wearing a costume in that picture.

My username has three hidden references:
Eric = Erik, my first name
EricTheRed = Erik the Red, a famous Viking
RedAndWhite = Red and white, the colours of the Danish flag.

When I realized that many members of SATW's forum community has a profile here, then I decided to register too.

Some more facts about me:
Hair colour: Highlighted (my natural colour is dark blonde)
Eye colour: Blue
Race: Europid
Ethnicity: Germanic
Religion: A mix of Norse Paganism and Lutheran Christianity.
Political views: National conservative, social conservative, eurosceptic.
Other interests: Danish history, Judeo-Christian history (especially Judeo-Christian values and their importance in Western civilization), the Viking Age, Scandinavian folklore, anthropology, Nordic cooperation, Pagan-Christian connections and similarities.
Blonde girls with blue eyes
Red-haired girls, especially with green eyes <3
Middle Eastern girls (without headscarves of course :P)
Girls older than myself
Girls with manly interests, but who still looks like girls (Kinda like Sister Denmark from SATW)
Favorite colors: Blue, red and white.
Favorite holiday: Christmas.
Favorite alcoholic drink: Beer from Albani, white wine
Favorite director: Tim Burton
Favorite animators: Terry Gilliam (Western), Hayao Miyazaki (Japanese)
Places where I've been:
Southern Norway
Places I want to visit:
Northern Norway
München in September/October (during the Oktoberfest)
Faroe Islands
New York City
Solvang (Danish-founded town in California)
Northern Italy
The US Virgin Islands
Poland (primarily Auschwitz and other concentration camps)

My soulmate of this site: :iconnorwayswedendenmark:


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NorwaySwedenDenmark Featured By Owner May 8, 2016   General Artist
Møter du av og til utlendinger som elsker landet ditt på politisk grunnlag som du ikke er enig med?
EricTheRedAndWhite Featured By Owner Edited May 9, 2016  Hobbyist
Hvad mener du?
NorwaySwedenDenmark Featured By Owner May 9, 2016   General Artist
Vel jeg møter av og til folk som roser landet mitt på grunn av at det er så sosialdemokratisk selv om jeg ikke er den største fanen av sosialdemokrati, ihvertfall i den moderne formen
EricTheRedAndWhite Featured By Owner May 9, 2016  Hobbyist
Nåh, på den måde.

Jo, det har da hændt at jeg har snakket med sådan nogen.
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Camaro-GirlZl1 Featured By Owner Edited May 4, 2016
I want to go to Denmark, I want to go to Denmark, I want to go to Denmark, I want to go to Denmark, I want to go to Denmark, I want to go to Denmark, I want to go to Denmark.. I also want to learn Danish xD I have heard a lot about your country, and how much your country helps their people..while America doesn't.. Trust me.. I am 18, and homeless. I plan on moving to Denmark ... "Jutland" is where I want to live :3

also, good song! Have no idea what they are saying xD!…
EricTheRedAndWhite Featured By Owner May 4, 2016  Hobbyist
Don't worry. Nephew's songs rarely make a lot of sense even to us Danes. XD
Camaro-GirlZl1 Featured By Owner May 4, 2016
I don't know why, but because of one of my Danish friends here on dA, I got into Danes.. Meaning, I really love how Danes look xD! Sorry! 
EricTheRedAndWhite Featured By Owner May 4, 2016  Hobbyist
There's no need to be sorry. It's a compliment if you think Danes look good. ;)
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